6 popular failures of belt conveyor systems

6 popular failures of belt conveyor systems

In the process of operation, failure of belt conveyor is inevitable, here will analyze the cause of belt conveyor failure.

1.Belt doesn’t rotate 

After start-up of the belt conveyor motor, the belt of drive pulley idles and slips, belt can’t rotate, this failure is caused by insufficient belt tension, improper adjustment of tension device, overlong length, overloading start-up, coal piled in the tail part of belt conveyor.

2. Belt is easy to break 

It is due to the large belt tension loose joint, poor quality of belt buckle, belt using for a long time, poor maintenance of belt, the solution is to tighten tension device, lower the tension ,change the new belt in time and strengthen the maintenance quality.

3. Reducer occurs abnormal sound.

The reason is due to the larger gap caused by serious wear of bearing and gear or screw is too loose, the solution is to replace the bearing, adjust the gap and repair or replace the whole reducer.

4.Reducer heats up too fast.

The reason is because of too much oil, poor heat dissipation performance, speed reducer is buried in coal pile, the solution is to adjust oil amount and remove the coal.

5.Reducer oil leakage.

The reason is due to the damage of sealing ring, the connecting surface of reducer is not uneven, the bolt is too loose, the solution is to replace the sealing ring, tighten the connecting surface and the bearing cap bolts.

6.Roller doesn’t rotate.

It is because of the damage of roller bearing, when coal powder enters into the roller sealing ring on both sides, it will be blocked and not rotate which makes the roller bend due to the large stress. The solution is replacement roller, reduce the height of discharging point and the landing point, or use the shock-proof roller at the landing point.


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